This is a simulation of an alternative monetary system backed by real goods and services, rather than debt, based on the Digital Coin proposal by Paul Grignon. Producers issue themselves with credit based on promises of future production. These credits are then used as money, eventually redeamable with the issuer for their goods or services. No banks, no interest, no growth imperative, no inflation. For real?
What Can You Offer?
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Enter a good or service below for entry into the marketplace:

Step 2:
Select Industry Classification
Example: Consumer Goods >> Food And Beverage >> Food Producers >> Food Products.
For more information please consult: Industry Classification Benchmark.


What is Digital Coin?
For information on digital coin visit
The Digital Coin Website.

What if I don't produce anything?
Then you have no basis upon which to issue yourself with credit.

Is this for real?
Of course not. Real money comes from a bank, silly. That's why we need banks. They create money for us, based on our promise to repay it. It's complicated. Let the bankers handle it. Now get back to work.

But what if people actually started trading with Digital Coins?
Then it would become a new form of money.

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